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LET-US-SEE Financial Group offers clients a full range of financial information, products and services through our unique financial network. Our network associates believe that tax planning*, retirement planning and debt elimination should be top priorities for individuals and families of all ages and income ranges. It has been said that people don't plan to fail but fail to plan. The use of this site can help in the education and planning of ones future.

Network Services

A good financial management process begins with an in-depth evaluation of your current financial situation. When you have established your overall objectives, you can now focus on your specific goals.

With changing economic conditions and market swings, we advocate saving consistently over the long run, eliminating debts while maintaining an adequate level of income protection (insurance coverage). The network companies can work with you side by side so that you're confident and comfortable with the financial suggestions made.

Some services offered: (GO TO LINKS)

  1. College Funding
  2. Cashflow Management 
  3. Debt Elimination 
  4. Estate Conservation*
  5. Tax Strategies* 
  6. Retirement Planning 
  7. Expense Management
  8. Business Income System
  9. Life & Health Insurance Quotes 
  10. Auto & Homeowners Quotes

* Please consult your tax advisor and/or attorney when planning your estate.


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LET-US-SEE Financial Group

1451 S. Elm Eugene Street, Box 28

Greensboro, NC 27406 

 Network Associates:

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Noah E. Davis /

Terrance A. Simpson /

James T. Chandler Sr. /

Vernita E. Hill /

Pamela Lawrence-Gaye /

Renee Summers /

Susan Finley /

Adrian Ford /

Keith D. Harris /

Jefferson Edwards /

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LET-US-SEE Financial Group main highlited FMO is HBW I & F.S., Inc.

1451 S Elm Eugene Street, Box 28, Greensboro, NC 27406 Phone: 336-275-4203

 HBW Insurance & Financial Services, Inc., is one of the financial marketing organization for

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